Starting trash collection service

*******ONLY PROPERTY OWNERS/MANAGEMENTS CAN REQUEST CARTS*******  To receive trash service from the City of Oakwood, you must use the city-issued roll carts. Each Oakwood household will be provided with one 95-gallon trash cart, one 95-gallon recycling cart and one 18-gallon bin for glass recycling. If you live in a rental home or apartment, your LANDLORD is responsible for providing you with this city service.

To request your trash cart, please click below. Please complete form and email the form to or or you can also drop it off at City Hall.

Solid Waste Request Form


Trash collection

What goes into the trash cart?

Only daily household garbage is allowed in the cart, and it must be placed in tied plastic garbage bags. The lid of the cart must remain closed to reduce odor and insects. Please do not put appliances, hazardous materials or yard waste in the cart.

What if I have extra bags of trash that won't fit into my cart?

The city will occasionally collect extra trash if it is bagged and placed on top of the closed lid of the cart. However, if your trash continually exceeds the capacity of the cart, you will need to request a second city cart.

How can I get more than one cart?

Simply submit a trash cart request form (see above) to the city. A $50 deposit is required for each additional cart.

Who owns the cart?

The cart is the property of the City of Oakwood, and remains at the address where it is delivered. If you move or want to discontinue service, contact the city to schedule pick up of your cart. Any deposits paid by the resident will be refunded upon return of the cart.

If my cart is broken or stolen, who's responsible?

Residents are responsible for maintaining and securing their trash carts. The city will replace parts that are defective or worn out at no charge.

If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact the City of Oakwood Public Works Department at 770.534.2365.

Please call City Hall for payment and scheduling at 770.534.2365